NCH Software Reseller Subscription Scheme


Interested in becoming a value-add reseller for our award-winning software products? If you are a media/production studio, a transcription/dictation company, or a telecommunication service provider you may be interested in a "Subscription" to license our products.

The subscription may only be used for sales supplied in conjunction with other products or services you supply to the customer such as telephony hardware, voice production services, or transcription services. It may only be used for customers whom you supply directly (you may not supply through other resellers).

You can sell licenses to your customers for any price or on any basis (eg. monthly fees) or even free so long as the customer is located in your geographic region (e.g. territory, country, state, province, etc.), deals with you directly, and your products/service charges are higher than the NCH product SRP you are providing. You can use the NCH Software SRP ("normal price") from our website as a guide.

Under this option you pay a flat quarterly fee to have a "subscription" to supply our software to an unlimited number of your customers in a fixed region for that time period. The software license that you supply to your clients is for the life of the version of software you supply them with. If we update the software, it is your choice as a reseller to charge an extra fee to your clients to upgrade to the newer version, as long as your subscription is current.

This page explains the reseller terms for the NCH Software Subscription Scheme. These terms are available to true value-add resellers only.

Examples of Value-Added Resellers

Legal, Medical, and Transcription IT Solution Providers
NCH Software provides dictation and transcription IT solutions (both hardware and software) to small, medium and large legal & medical practices as well as typing and transcription businesses through products such as Express Dictate, Dial Dictate, Web Dictate, Pocket Dictate, Express Delegate and Express Scribe.

Telephony and Call Center Solution Providers
NCH Software provides interactive voice response, on-hold messaging, call recording, virtual PBx, soft phone, and other solutions for busy call centers and businesses with products such as IMS, IVM, VRS, Axon and Express Talk.

In-Store Announcement and Music Solution Providers
NCH Software provides automated scheduling of in-store announcements and music for shopping malls, large retail chains, hotels, and even warehouses and workplaces with BMS and IProducer2 professional software applications. *Note BMS (in-store announcements) is no longer under active product development, but can still be purchased and supported in its latest release - please submit an inquiry form for more information, or just go ahead and download it from BMS and try it out for 14 days.

Intelligent On-Hold Messaging and Music Solution Providers
NCH Software provides automated, dynamic scheduling of on-hold messages and announcements through PBx systems with IMS and IProducer2 professional software applications.
A case study by an NCH Software reseller specializing in production and solutions for the On-Hold and In-Store Announcement markets in South Africa can be found here

Value-add On-Going Resellers

Subscription Service Costs
Please Note: Resellers must have a good working knowledge of the product before they commence with a subscription. We do provide technical support to resellers, but this does not extend to training on how to use the application. You should be very familiar with computers and have a working knowledge of how software is installed and interacts with a computer and its components.

Please download the correct pricing chart for your region. These documents also contain legal information regarding our subscription service.

North America
United Kingdom
Click here to download the North American License Fees
Click here to download the Australian License Fees
Click here to download the UK License Fees
Click here to download the European License Fees
Click here to download the License Fees for all other Countries

Subscription Application
Once you have read and understood the terms and details of the subscription service, please fill in the following form and email or fax it to the contact details found on the form. An invoice will then be sent to you and once payment is received, an account will be set up, and the details will be emailed.

Reseller Application
Click here to download the Reseller Registration Form

Customization and Rebranding of Software

Standard Customized Branding of Software for Resellers
NCH Software can build a custom, branded version for most of our Windows applications. This customization makes the software point to your business which is a huge benefit if you are trying to create a brand image for your business, and it refers customers to your website for purchasing, and cross-sells and upsells. In order to keep costs of the standard customization down, the process is streamlined and the build is a set of exact text and image changes per your specifications. Please see our customized branding page for more information. **Please note NCH software will not do "white label" branding whereby the product name is changed, and/or reference to NCH Software and associated copyrights are removed.

Advanced Customization of Software for Resellers
We can also provide more advanced customization of our software products including language translation for a few of the popular languages. If you are interested in a localized language version of one of our products, or you are ready to commit a minimum of $50,000 USD to a functional product customization and/or business partnership, please click here to submit an expression of interest.

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Further Questions

If you have any further questions about the subscription scheme, please contact us using this form.

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